viernes, julio 22, 2011

Random Update & Stuff

Ok, so... hmmm, yeah, I am going to be tested next week, for proficiency in English and stuff. Haven't made an appointment yet, kinda nervous, but I took a couple of sample tests from Toefl, they were quite easy to do so I guess I will do okay. Been here for quite a while, went to Brighton, quite a cool place, has this "vacation" vibe all around and seagulls that steal your food and are pretty much straightforward in that (never seen birds that brave in Mexico). I found one cute and started feeding it while Kes was telling me quite worried "don't do that! Oh no... no! Stop it!... silly woman...", concern I didn't understand until the bullying attitude of the seagull showed up. We tried to scare it away waving our hands, but the bird didn't ever blinked while staring at us with it's piercing, evil eyes... so I decided to hug it :D. Got terrified and fled away. Moral of the story seems to be: in some cases, shows of affection are more terrifying than threats (heartbroken girls who feel identified with this, I salute you! ).

So, I've been to the zoo, to the zoo at night, walking around the city, trying food in different places and asking Guiness beer whenever I can, even when people in here thinks that drink is manly (got used to dark beer, Indio and Pal'fisico, blame on you!). Yet still I still keep some lady traits whenever fruit flavored beers are available.

First thing I noticed here was equality. Women and men are the same, so that means a lot of positive things, and at the same time, means no courtesy drinks for me or free bar before ten o'clock just because I am a lady, unlike Playa del Carmen, where I got alcohol preserved free of charge 99% of the time.
Second thing I noticed is that was bullshit. If I subtract Kes out of the formula, courtesy stuff reappeared, so we got a couple of melon liquor shots for free from a waiter in an Italian restaurant, and a driver let me get in for free in the bus, which was good because is £1.10 per ride (£2.20 when you run out of credit on your Oyster Card).

And well... I don't feel like typing anymore. On English. Switch to Spanish from now on... y como ya me dio hueva de tipear incluso en espaniol... y mas porque no tengo acentos ni enie y tengo que corregir a manopla con copy&paste y me da hueva, y mi hueva es tan grande que ni siquiera me da la gana investigar si puedo cambiar el idioma del teclado, ps mejor les dejo los...


Clima de Londres en Guadalajara.

Gente Practica de ayer y hoy.

Combatamos estereotipos con estereotipos

Menos es mas

Todo por los conciertos gratis

Trolls are gonna troll
(especialmente si se las pones facil)

Trolls are gonna troll, vol II

Tb hubo cumpleanios esta sema que aproveche para picarle al Flash y al AfterEffects:

Rana verde al ninio!

Rana verde, corazon!

Sean Felices!

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Sergio a.k.a. The Question dijo...

Hola. Hace un par de días que publicaste ésta entrada y todavía no había comentado alguien más. Será porque gran parte está en inglés o es pura casualidad [?].

Es irónicoo que un ave, en apariencia bonita, como la gaviota sea medio gandalla a la hora de obtener comida. Y todavía más irónico que ésta ave se espantara cuando decidiste abrazarla en lugar de espantarla.

Saludos, que tengas excelente día.

Cake dijo...

Guácala Indio. ¿Pacífico no es clara? Eso si, Guiness es otro nivel.


Supongo que la gaviota no se espantó con el manoseo porque es lo que todo el mundo hace, abrazos o invasiones mas prolongadas al espacio no las tenia registradas en "cosasidiotasquehacenloshumanosperonodañan"


Pepito ya se lleva bien con la gata, al menos la relacion es cordial al momento.