martes, septiembre 29, 2009

Me gusta hablar contigo, Vol.2

nell: no idea what's happening in there. when I am uploading the zip file with the theme to resking the blog.
google sayssss
What is happening is WordPress is trying to put the attachment or file into the uploads directory but the server doesn't give it permission to do so. To change this: Connect via FTP. Navigate to /wp-content/ Right-click on the /uploads/ folder. Your FTP client should give you an option like 'set permissions' or sometimes it is called CHMOD. A pop-up opens allowing you to set the permissions of the /uploads/ folder. Try setting it to 755. Then attempt to upload and post a file again.
FTP... anyone?
Kes: hmm.... I'm pretty useless with that, I do know that one is 'file transfer protocol'
Imo says Andres and Jaime are handling the technical side of the blog so I could mention it to Jaime later
nell: I'll ask the dev team, and let's see if they can help
Kes: 'try setting it to 755'
[that's the answer to everything
nell: really?
"my boyfriend is growing moustache"
"try setting it to 755"
Kes: hehe, the world is turning upside down
nell: because of your moustache?
Kes: unfortunately my moustache is not endowed with such power yet
Maybe I wake up with no moustache after a night with you ;)
and you wear it as a trophy around your neck
nell: did you read my confessions to my friend Brenda about me developing my nocturne ninja shaving skills?
Kes: I am sharpening it into a ninja moustache
nell: ninjas don't wear moustache
Kes: English ninjas do, there aren't many though :)
nell: these are Samurais, my love
and there is only one
and it's Tom Cruise
and he is not english
Kes: this is what ninja's do with moustaches:

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