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How to hire an artist: Kaitol advices, quickest way to failure.

There is some polemic towards the publication of an article about how to hire an artist if you're a game developer. This post suggest beautiful stuff like "go find your artist at DeviantArt because people around there don't know shit about wages", "Don't pay anything until they deliver all the assets", "keep them in the dark" (the artist community's favourite :D ) , "set fake, short deadlines and punish the artist with lower budget if they don't deliver on time", and so on. Quoting from the same article:

"If an artist knows how much their artwork will increase the value of the game they will then feel they deserve that amount of money. This is not how a market economy works, you hire whoever is able to do the best job for the lowest amount of money, anything else is a loss of money on your end."

So basically this dude encourages developers to go as cheaper as they can, to squeeze people as much as they can and then go enjoy their pool of money for themselves.

While enraging all the artist community, there are some people finding these advices "really useful", because... who doesn't want to swim in a pool of money? And since the header of the website states it "contains a bunch of information from a professional in the flash industry", hell! we have gold in our hands!!

Your economic predictions for the upcoming days: heavy money rain.

Yeahright... well, before swallowing all the stuff as the only and unique truth, let's do some research a little. For starters, the person behind the article is named Chris Gregorio (nicknamed xdragonx10).
But... who the hell is Chris Gregorio?

Our friend Google says this:

So basically, our almighty professional is a 16 years old kid who must be the fucking Doogie Howser of the videogame industry that got his professional degree at the university of... wait a minute...

... this dude is still freaking attending High School!!

Yeh... because your basic actionscript 3.0 class makes you a professional developer with the superpower of going around spreading bullshit about developing, having it's funds on ripping off people because that's what you understood from the capitalism show & tell class at 9:00-10:00 in the morning. Jesus... if knowing how to make a basic game in actionscript makes people a professional developer, then I know nearly 500 of them!! 30 from the class one semester earlier than mine - back on the university days- other 30 from my own class (which makes me a professional flash developer too! Pool of money, wait for meeee!!), 30 from the one below and so on. Now, let's take a look at his stats:

4,359 monthly active users. Not bad for a 16 years old kid, but hey...

Reviews are not precisely doing good (except for the cofounder's sister, who loved them even when she haven't played them). And they are also weaseling to install themselves into your account without a warning, so... quitting these users, the founders' loving parents, and all these friends of them who stated they'd probably rater to play their games slightly more than putting their private parts in a bear trap, the actual number must be way lower (which is quite low as it is anyway), and this denotates NO ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF GAME DEVELOPING.

His drive is actually understandable: we all had 16 at some point, we all took economy classes, we all learned to do something, we all understood the basic theory behind and thought of ourselves as unleashed geniuses ready to take over the world. And then came real life knowing better, and made us realize theory and practice are not the same. You, startup reader, get to know that believing the bullshit this kid states is dangerous for your business. And you, kid, get to know that claiming yourself a "Professional Flash Developer" is like claiming to be a Kitchen Chef for warming frozen food in the microwave. You are no developer. You just know how to wrote some actions in Flash, and that's it.

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no... poz... sí... assh, pon tus post en cristiano mi nel, no le entiendo ni su puta madre...

- Sánchez Villa - dijo...

Bueno, pues, ¡qué feo genio! No sé en qué te basas para tu juicio. ¡Un saludo!

Nell dijo...

Algunas partes se basan en algunos anos de experiencia metida en desarrollo. Algunas otras, en mero sarcasmo. Feliz Navidad!

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Mira, mejor te doy mi correo, para que me permitas disipar esa imagen errónea que tienes de mí.

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Saludos Nell, hoy no comentaré sobre el post (bueno aunque es muy cierto, hay mucho mamila aprovechado de la chamba de otros).

Quiero mas bien aprovechar para desearte que termines este año excelentemente bien y que todo el 2011 sea completamente exitoso para ti además de lo profesional, en lo sentimental, familiar, en la salud y en todo lo que consideres importante.

Eres una chava muy inteligente y talentosa, y es un gusto para mi el seguirte.

Cuídate y nos estamos viendo, Un abrazo.

Nell dijo...

Aww! Grax Waxy! Si no hubiera andado de grinch esta navidá te hubiera mandado una postal (que más que grinch, no me ha dado tiempo).

Sanchez Villa, tu eres Diego Algazy?

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No, mis apellidos son esos. Paterno y materno, respectivamente. Y me llamo Rodrigo.

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