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The whole story...

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I am quite far away from being the most creative person ever. For that reason I named my pet Ferretino.

I just recently moved. At the current time there is no furniture at my new house, I am basically sleeping at the floor and a couple of carton boxes are my desk.

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I have to wait until September ends to get paid at work and meanwhile I was counting with my savings to save the day and paint the walls and buy a proper bed and a proper desk... however, Feretino got sick in the process and his little stomach issue grew out of proportion.

I went for vacations during some days, and during that time I left Ferretino with a friend of mine. While being there, my little one got diarrhea and became ill. We took him to a vet who injected some antibiotics and serum. Ferretino was recovering... but unfortunately, ran off from ferret food and while finding more, we mixed some cat food to the few croquettes left, and that spoiled his stomach again. As long as this vet was not very confident with his skills dealing with ferrets, we took Ferretino to the place where he is getting his vaccines, and here is where the nightmare begins...

... As a start, we arrive with a vet who had serious problems with typing my name and address on the registry. He used only a single finger and stared to the keyboard in an epic quest to find the proper key to press next. I was in shock, but well... "maybe he is one of those old fashioned medics that have no clue about how to use a computer, but do marvels with diagnosis", I said to myself... until he proceeded to take Ferretino's temperature sticking brutally the termometer on his rectum with the same hability and grace of a savage ape. My poor ferret screamed loud as I've never heard him scream before, and since that point, he started to walk oddly and became very sensitive around his anus. The poor little one pooped out of fear, twice, and, at the second time we could see a drop of blood on his feces. After raping my ferret, this guy injected something to him to "control the diarrhea" and gave us a recipe to buy some shit the ferret had to drink.
Ferretino passed from having a mechanical diarrhea, to not pooping at all. He just did it until next day, and just a little bit. He was also, during all day, feeling too much pain around his rectum. The second day I went to follow the treatment, I got attended by another vet, I told her everything on the previous paragraph, so she started to palpate my ferret and said that she was feeling something "strange" on his body and he required some X-rays. She took the ferret with her, came back later... then took him again because the radiography came up wrong, and... at the second radiography she said she was seen an "strange issue", and, with a book about exotic species at hand, she told me that ferrets are likely to develop tumors and probably that was one... and that was the thing with the diarrhea.

- So... are you telling me that the rectal ache my ferret got RIGHT AFTER your partner stuck brutally a thermometer there, is a case of cancer symptoms that got revealed suddenly at that exact, precise moment?
- Hmmm... yes, could have happened so!
- o... k...

Then she started talking about making the little one three exams, three expensive exams, three VERY expensive exams to see if he was candidate for a surgery, a surgery that consists on open him and "see what can be found". I asked which exam was more important of these three, and when she chose the most expensive one even when it made no sense, I knew these guys were in there just to make money out of me. So I insisted with the rectum ache, and asked if we could see in the radiography if he was wounded or not. She said "I cannot see on this one very well, let me make another".

Then she came back with a superdark other and said "see! it has nothing! there is nothing appearing on this radiogaphy!" OBVIOUSLY!! THAT FUCKING SHIT WAS DARKER THAN THE DARKEST DARK OF DARK DARKNESS!!! And I payed for it by the way! I could barely see the bones, how am I supposed to see a wound in flesh?? Then she started talking about the importance of the cancer surgery because "look, of course he is sick and it hurts for him" Cut to: she pressing the supposed tumor and my ferret lying all lazy without feeling pain of any kind. so I said... if the tumor is up here, why my ferret has pain DOWN THERE?? And then she said that probably because he has had diarrhea for so long and that irritated him, and said - check this - that is almost impossible to wound the anus with almost anything, because intestines are a very resistant organ. Good to know, that means she will be fine when I stick the damned medicine jar violently by her ass, which by the way was the one irritating my ferret's intestines, not the diarrhea itself: I gave a call to the ones who sold me the ferret, who are also vets, and they were the ones who helped me out with him at the end, asked me to suspend his current medicine immediately since it was way too strong for ferrets and calmed me down because my ferret, at his young age, is impossible to have cancer. Good news are: my little one is recovering very well, but all the vet consults, the medicines and treatments killed my budget, so I need money to survive until september, which is the month when I will be paid. So... that's my story.

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Merry day!!

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Dr. OGT dijo...

no vuelvas jamás a escribir en castellano. se entiende un poco más en inglés.

los veterinarios en méxico con trabajos medio saben de perros y gatos. y esos pendejazos ni titulados deben estar.

saben buenas las cosas esas asadas?